Buddhism For Beginners

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The 7-Point Posture of Vairocana

From the moment of conception until the moment of death, mind and body are inextricably linked. Were it possible to separate them (it isn’t), one could say that they constantly affect each other. Most people understand that mind affects body, as they see examples of this all day long. The moment people come into a room, their posture tells us whether they are feeling good, depressed, self-confident, afraid, tense and so forth – long before they say a word. But few people realise just how much body and breath can be used to help the mind. As meditation is concerned with taming and awakening the mind, posture can be mobilised to great use.

Although one can think, visualise, pray or do mental exercises in any position, there are few in which can remain healthily and comfortably for the time it takes to accomplish most meditations. The few that permit this (lying flat etc) often tend make one sleepy as the meditation brings relaxation. This is not what meditation is for. In a good meditation posture, relaxation becomes the basis for the crystal clarity of awakened awareness, not a sleepy haze.

Although it may be hard for beginners to get used to the classical Buddhist meditation postures, the rewards of a few sessions with aching knees are tremendous, as one can meditate in that good position for the rest of one’s life. Correct posture helps the mind find peace, strenght and control. It benefits the physical body by bringing its energies and bio-systems into balance. And one can spend all day in a clasical posture in a state of great harmony – virtually impossible in everyday positions. Below you will find the classical 7-Point Posture of Vairocana, […]

Buddhism For Beginners

Here at Dharma Junkie we have received several emails from people requesting advice on learning about Buddhism, therefore we decided to put together a page with some good books and teachings for people who are new to Buddha Dharma, these will also be useful for more experience practitioners but they are are great for beginners also. If there are any additions people would like to add please leave a comment or contact us.
The Tibetan Art Of Living And Dying – Sogyal Rinpoche

Old Path White Cloud – Thich Nhat Hahn

Freedom In Exile – H.H. 14 Dalai Lama

Art of  Happiness – H.H. 14 Dalai Lama

Buddhism for Beginners – Thubten Chodron

Zen Mind Begginers Mind -Suziki
Getting Unstuck – Pema Chodron

Om Ah Hum Meditation – Lama Yeshe

How to Find a Guru & Be a Student – Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche

This is by no means an exaustive list of Buddhism for Beginners teachings, but it should help people who are looking to learn more about Buddhism