Teachers of the Chinese Tradition

Baizhang Huaihai

Bodhidharma, the first patriarch of Zen in China

Dahui Zonggao, 12th century koan master

Dao Xin, fourth patriarch of Zen in China

Daoji, a Buddhist monk revered as a deity in Taoism

Fa Xian, translator and pilgrim


Hong Yi, calligraphist, painter, master of seal carving

Hongren, fifth patriarch of Zen in China

Huangbo Xiyun, 9th century, teacher of Linji

Huike, second patriarch of Zen in China

Huineng, sixth and last patriarch of Zen in China

Yi Jing, pilgrim and translator

Ingen, 17th century Chinese Zen monk, founder of the ?baku sect of Zen

Jizang, founder of the Three Treatise School

Jnanayasas, translator

Linji, 9th century Chinese monk, founder of the Linji school of Zen

Mazu, 8th century Zen master

Mo-ho-yen, 8th century Chinese monk, advocate of “sudden” enlightenment

Sanghapala, 6th century monk (Mon-Khmer?) who translated many texts to Chinese

Sengcan, third patriarch of Zen in China

Shenxiu, Tang Dynasty, Patriarch of “Northern School” Zen sect

Wumen Huikai, author of the Gateless Gate

Xuanzang, brought Yogacara to China to found Faxiang school, significant pilgrim, translator

Xueting Fuyu, 13th century Shaolin Temple abbot of the Caodong lineage

Yunmen Wenyan, founder of one of the five Chán schools

Zhaozhou, 9th century Chán master; noted for “Mu” koan

Zhiyi, founder of the Tiantai school, also known by the name T’ien-t’ai.

Zongmi, fifth patriarch of Chinese Huayan school